I2C temperature
NXP I2C Temperature Sensors Overview and Application

Join us for this live event on June 7, 2012 at 11:00 AM EDT.

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A review of NXP's broad product offering of I2C temperature sensors, their features, specifications and packaging offerings. Some example of usage in today's power-hungry & heat-generating systems, especially when housed in space-constrained applications (like Ultrabook computers and SSD (solid state drives)). Some tips on getting the most performance from these useful devices and common pitfalls in their usage. A quick look toward the future at new technologies and products in the I2C temperature sensor area.

Speaker: John Hull Technical Marketing Mgr, NXP

John is a veteran of the semiconductor industry with years of experience in mixed-signal and analog Ics. He has previously worked at National Semiconductor, IDT, Cirrus Logic and 02Micro in a variety of marketing and technical roles.

Moderator: Mike Demler Technology Editor, OpenSystems Media
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